Introducing Ourselves

We pick up what someone has discarded as having no value and give it value through our labour. Long ago in 1990, we were treated like the trash we collect. People would shoo us away like they would dogs. They would cover their noses when they passed us. It hurt. We were not sitting in garbage because we enjoyed it! We were there because we wanted the recyclables. We mostly worked alone, sometimes with friends who did not care too much about it either. Our mothers and grandmothers had done it before us. It was this work that brought us money to feed ourselves and our families so we did it.

One summer’s day in 1993 all of us gathered in a hall to talk. We talked like we never had before giving vent our anger and frustration at the way we were trash!

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Latest News

Date: July 12, 2011


What does our organisation do? We have called this section Initiatives instead of Programmes because it tells you something about how we work too. We take the initiative. We always look out for opportunities, the little spaces where we can squeeze in. We are not afraid to dream. We are not afraid of failure. Every challenge is an invitation to change. Irrepressible optimists......that’s who we are! Don’t forget we even earn a living out of waste!

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Signposting Change

Kluang is a town in the state of Johor Bas Ke Kluang, Malaysia. It is accessible by various modes of transportation, including busesBas Ke Pasir Gudang. Several bus companies operate services to Kluang from various citiesBas Ke Parit Buntar Bas Ke Segamatand Bas Ke Bentong towns in Malaysia.